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RAN virtualization

Charting the path to RAN virtualization: C-RAN, fronthaul and HetNets

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Report Topics

– Where does RAN virtualization fit in?

– The emergence of a new RAN topology. From distributed RAN to C-RAN and virtualized RAN

– From local to advanced C-RAN. Multiple types of C-RAN to target different environments
– Picking the right C-RAN architecture. Assessment of multiple tradeoffs crucial to successful C-RAN deployments

– The path to virtualization. The role of the RAN within the NFV platform

– Fronthaul, the great enabler of C-RAN and vRAN architectures. A bottleneck or a requirement to meet?

– Fronthaul beyond CPRI. CPRI alternatives attract operators’ attention

– Tradeoffs can ease the way to RAN virtualization. Functional split options to facilitate or enable thetransition to C-RAN

– Drivers to a virtualized RAN: cost. Cost dynamics in the short term and in the long term

– Drivers to a virtualized RAN: mobility and interference management. Toward a more efficient use of network resources in densified networks

– Drivers to a virtualized RAN: statistical multiplexing. Leveraging uneven traffic distribution to optimize resource utilization

– Implications: The death of the cell? Moving baseband processing to the cloud erases RAN boundaries

Interviews included in the report

– SOLiD: Optical fronthaul as an enabler of scalability in C-RAN and vRAN architectures. A conversation with Ken Sandfeld, Executive Vice President, SOLiD

– ASOCS: Moving past C-RAN, to get the performance and cost gains of full RAN virtualization. A conversation with Gilad Garon, CEO and Founder, ASOCS

– Fujitsu: Building end-to-end support for C-RAN and virtualized RAN. A conversation with Femi Adeyemi, LTE Solutions Architect, Fujitsu

– Airvana: Taking C-RAN indoors to optimize small-cell performance. A conversation with Mike McFarland, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing, Airvana

– Radisys: Managing the C-RAN evolution, starting from small cells and DAS. A conversation with Renuka Bhalerao, Senior Product Line Manager, Radisys

– The operators’ view on C-RAN – Orange, France: The interrelation of fronthaul availability and C-RAN requirements. A conversation with Philippe Chanclou, Team Manager Orange Labs, Orange

– The operators’ view on C-RAN – Telefonica, Spain: RAN virtualization to achieve sustainable growth. A conversation with Javier Lorca Hernando, Project Manager for the RAN, Telefonica R&D

– The operators’ view on C-RAN – Softbank, Japan: Optimizing the use of network resources with C-RAN. A conversation with Hiroshi Kawai, Director, Technology Development Dept. and Wireless Technology Dept. Technology Division, SoftBank

– The operators’ view on C-RAN – Oi, Brazil: Optimizing the use of network resources with C-RAN. A conversation with Alberto Boaventura, Technical Consultant, Oi