Getting the best QoE: Trends in traffic management and mobile core optimization <

Getting the best QoE

Trends in traffic management and mobile core optimization

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This report explores the shift from the legacy, element-based approach to optimization to one based on QoE and operating in real time. We look at how the increased traffic volume and complexity, along with its uneven distribution, widens the scope for optimization as networks become more dynamic.

QoE-based optimization can yield a more efficient use of network resources, new revenue opportunities, and better-tailored services. But the transition to QoE-based, real-time optimization is a challenging one, because it is difficult to measure QoE and to relate QoE measurements to network performance. The report analyzes the enablers that will facilitate the transition, and the interviews with vendors and operators give an in-depth update of how traffic management and core optimization are evolving.

Interviews included in the report:

Ascom Network Testing
Flash Networks
Guavus Viavi Solutions
Telefonica Argentina
Three UK