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A smooth path to private networks and neutral host models with CBRS and OnGo
January 4, 2019
A conversation between Dave Wright, President, CBRS Alliance, and Monica Paolini, Senza Fili on how CBRS and OnGo will drive growth in private and neutral host models
Simple and easy-to-deploy CBRS networks for the enterprise
December 29, 2018
A conversation with Mark Kerschner and Mike Brownson at Westell and Monica Paolini, Senza Fili, on easy-to-deploy CBRS networks in the enterprise
The benefits of coordinated spectrum access in CBRS private networks
December 29, 2018
A conversation between Iyad Tarazi at Federated Wireless and Monica Paolini at Senza Fili on spectrum sharing with CBRS / OnGo
Reliability to drive adoption of CBRS private networks in the enterprise
December 29, 2018
A conversation between Stephane Daeuble at Nokia and Monica Paolini at Senza Fili on the crucial role of reliability in enterprise CBRS networks
Webinar: URLLC: A view from the edge
August 22, 2018
A discussion on the role of edge computing as a necessary enabler of URLLC in different verticals, and how operators, enterprises and venue owners can leverage edge computing to lower latency, in terms of technology, business models, and use cases.
Webinar: In the 5G future, what’s the role of Wi-Fi?
July 3, 2018
Wi-Fi’s massive success (more than half of mobile device traffic is over Wi-Fi) has not stopped Wi-Fi from evolving
Is zero-touch automation possible?
June 25, 2018
In this conversation with Mansoor Hanif, Director of the Converged Network Research Lab at BT, we talked about how automation is evolving, from the scripts of a decade or more ago to zero-touch automation.
Webinar: Wireless and wireline convergence
October 19, 2017
Oct 25, 2017 2pm ET, 11am PT, 7pm BST, 8pm CET Panelists: Sean Kinney, Managing Editor, RCR Wireless News, Monica Paolini, President, Senza Fili, Ray Butler, VP Wireless Network Engineering, CommScope, Bill Cune, VP Wireless Market Development, Corning
Wireless in the enterprise: CCJPA, wireless in trains
September 28, 2017
In this conversation with Jim Allison at CCJPA we discuss the role of wireless connectivity in trains, both for riders and for train operators.
EXFO: Dynamic topology and predictive analytics
July 12, 2017
In this conversation with Anssi Tauriainen, the Director of Service Assurance and Analytics at EXFO, we talked about how analytics can help us optimize mobile networks today