Market research, financial analysis and consulting on wireless technologies and services
 Market research and forecasts
  • Market demand forecasts. We follow a rigorous quantitative approach to give you accurate, insightful, up-to-date, forecasts of market demand for specific services, technologies, or products. We provide you with a detailed understanding of how demand changes over time, in multiple market segments, and for different geographies.

  • Competitive intelligence. We help you assess your positioning and the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. We can collaborate in refining your product strategy, identifying the most attractive market-segment targets, and maximizing the impact of your messaging.
  • Regulatory issues. Our in-depth understanding of the regulatory regimes in different countries enables you to understand requirements and how they are likely to change, what their impact on the market is, and how they will affect your company.
  • Market analysis and trends. Our analyses and forecasts give you powerful tools to understand which technologies, products, applications, or services are most likely to succeed and in which markets, and what revenues you should expect from them.

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