Market research, financial analysis and consulting on wireless technologies and services
 Financial Modeling
  • Business planning. We create business plans for new network rollouts, services, or products, or help you build your own. Drawing on our market expertise and modeling skills, we give you solid forecasts for costs, revenues, and return on investment. We help you make decisions that will make your business sustainable and profitable
  • ROI analysis. Our models are valuable tools for assessing the ROI under different scenarios, or when planning an investment in a new technology, product, or company. We can also develop ROI interactive models to demonstrate to your customers that your solution is cost effective, or to demonstrate how it compares to other solutions, using customer-specific inputs if desired.
  • Scenario analysis and sensitivity analysis. We audit in detail the assumptions and results in your financial models, by applying different what-if scenarios and estimating the impact of changes to individual parameters. We have extensive experience in exploring the implications through our easy-to-use, interactive financial models, which let you change and challenge the assumptions.

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