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If you missed the webinar on the wireless enterprise you can view it below and also get the slides here

I presented an overview of the upcoming report. Marin Martinovic, VP of Marketing, Sprint Business and Jim Allison, Manager of Planning, CCJPA will join the webinar to present the carrier and train operator's perspective.


The enterprise is ready to take a larger role in wireless connectivity, as its needs for indoor coverage, for enterprise- and location-based services, and security grow. The webinar looks at what is changing in the enterprise – technology, architecture, business and ownership models, services, and relationship with operators.

As the enterprise relentlessly moves to wireless as the default communication modality in all locations, the role of wireless connectivity changes and performance requirements grow. Wi-Fi continues to be the fundamental technology for indoor data traffic, but cellular and other technologies play an increasingly important role – and one that requires integration and coordination among technologies. The rise of IoT, IIoT and private networks accelerates this process and extends its scope. 

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