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Embracing Wi-Fi, LTE and 5G – licensed and unlicensed – in the enterprise. A conversation with Asha Keddy, Vice President of Next Generation and Standards, Intel

Wireless is nothing new to the enterprise. The role of Wi-Fi has expanded: it has become the default technology, to the point that, in some companies, Ethernet outlets are difficult to find. Yet there is an increasing interest in wireless technologies such as LTE and 5G, in both licensed and unlicensed bands, that complement Wi-Fi in rolling out a wider range of services, including IoT. 

In this conversation with Asha Keddy, VP at Intel, we talked about the evolving role of wireless in the enterprise, with the increased connectivity needs and adoption of IoT in parallel with a gradual transition to 5G.

Asha sees densification and edge computing as game changers. “When this is combined with the flattening of the network, with a network architecture where the data may go directly between devices or go to the mobile edge and the devices, versus all the way to the cloud and back, you have a way of increasing capacity. At the edge, the capacity is going to be much higher than at the core,” she told us.

Growth in indoor infrastructure also helps addressing the enterprise needs. “When you have so much indoors, it also provides for applications that are more controlled, where you can have a combination of licensed technologies and unlicensed technologies. This is the case with mission-critical data. For example, in factory automation, I could use licensed technologies that are more reliable for mission-critical operations, whereas I can have some unlicensed areas [for] applications that may not be mission-critical,” Asha added.


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