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A deeper reach into the enterprise. A conversation with Jan Geldmacher, President, Sprint Business Sprint: A deeper reach into the enterprise.

The relationship between the enterprise and service providers changes as wireless connectivity becomes an even more important asset for the enterprise. In this conversation with Jan Geldmacher, President of Sprint Business, we talked about how mobile operators can reach deeper into the enterprise and introduce new models and services to address the needs of both large and small enterprises.

“Telecommunications services have been seen as a commodity for many years, and probably rightly so. We provide a commodity that is scalable, and the faster we grow, the better our price base is, and we let our customers benefit from that. That’s the principle. We’re selling telecommunications services today,” Jan told us.

Sprint focus is to “allow small enterprises to offload the innovation risk to their partners” – Jan continued – “How can you make a decision on implementing a technology that has an innovation cycle that is less than two years? We need to capture that, and we do that by providing our customers with bundled solutions that we sell in a flexible way. In our pure opex model, our customers pay per use or pay per seat or pay per machine, so IoT as a service is the solution to that issue that our customers are facing.”

Jan will join us for the webinar discussing the report “Wireless in the enterprise. A deeper reach, a more active role for venue owners” on October 31st, 2017 at 9:00am PT, 12:00 PM ET, 5:00 PM GMT, 6:00pm CET.


Watch the video of the interview:


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