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Real-time analytics to understand QoE and optimize end-to-end performance. A conversation with Robert Laliberte, VP Marketing, Empirix

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How can mobile operators deal with all the data that they have and optimize their networks, rather than be overwhelmed? How can they get the data they need, at the right temporal resolution (milliseconds instead of days), and at the right depth – end-to-end network down to the individual subscriber?

Robert Laliberte, VP of Marketing at Empirix, shared how Empirix correlates network data to multiple use cases, both internal to the operator and third parties.

“In this day and age, we really need to be able to instantly pinpoint what subscribers are impacted by a network challenge, or if an individual subscriber calls in to customer care, and know what’s going on with their account directly.” Robert told us.

“The biggest shift that we’ve seen is more focus on the customer and customer centricity; it’s what’s driven a lot of this activity and the need to be able to correlate all that data into a single easy to use interface.”

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