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LTE unlicensed: coexist or perish
LTE unlicensed is clearly a hot topic these days – and one that often draws a strong emotional response. It was one of the key themes in London at the Small Cell World Summit in early June and at the Carrier Wi-Fi World Summit. The consultation from the FCC also attracted a wide set of contrib...
Running mobile networks in real time
Mobile operators have to increase capacity to meet traffic loads that continue to grow. But they need to do so in a way that is cost efficient, that improves the performance and QoE, and to achieve this they also have to optimize their network performance using real-time data. 
LTE unlicensed and Wi-Fi interviews: watch them now
The interviews for the LTE unlicensed and Wi-Fi: moving beyond coexistence are now all available to watch here at RCR Wireless News
New report LTE unlicensed and Wi-Fi: moving beyond coexistence

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Our latest report explores the opportunities that LTE unlicensed offers to mobile operators and how the technology can moving into the 5 GHz band where Wi-Fi dominates and has been an astounding success. Is the performance – and business case – of LTE unlicensed sufficiently better that mobile operators will be willing to roll out LTE unlicensed even though it will require new mobile devices? And what will the 5 GHz ecosystem, dominated by Wi-Fi users, enterprise, and service providers, will accept as fair coexistence from the LTE unlicensed proponents?

The report includes in-depth interviews with Alcatel-Lucent, InterDigital, Ooredoo, Qualcomm Technologies, Ruckus Wireless, Tele2, Wi-Fi Alliance, XCellAir.

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Report cover: Titian, Allegory of prudence, “Ex praeterito, praesens prudenter agit, ne future actione deturpet” –“From the experience of the past, the present acts prudently, lest it spoil
future actions”

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