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Inteview with Dan Meyer at RCR Wireless News
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Slides from C-RAN webinar now available to download
The slides from the webinar last week are now available to download. Thanks to all those that participated, and to Javier Lorca Hernando for sharing the work he is doing on C-RAN at Telefonica.
C-RAN Webinar: Javier Lorca Hernando from Telefonica joins us in the webinar
The evolution to C-RAN and V-RAN to support indoor and outdoor HetNets, with Javier Lorca Hernando, Telefonica Spain and Monica Paolini, Senza Fili, Wednesday, December 10th, 2:00pm GMT, 3:00pm CET, 9:00am ET
The emergence of the NFV ecosystem:
Laying the foundation for a new way to run mobile networks

The transition to virtualized mobile networks is going to be a watershed in the way operators deploy, operate and financially benefit from their networks. Virtualization will bring cost savings, improvements in resource utilization, and a faster and more effective way to launch new services. Despite the hype surrounding virtualization, is difficult to overestimate the deep and broad effects that virtualization will have in the long term.

Virtualization is an inevitable choice, and yet one that requires much work. Eventually it will make m
obile networks leaner and cheaper to operate, but at the beginning it will require financial and resource investment, and make mobile networks more complex. There are many technological challenges, but the cultural changes that virtualization entails are likely be even more disruptive.

 In this report, we are trying to disentangle the multiple and far-reaching effects that virtualization will have on mobile networks – as well as on mobile operators and vendors. The virtualization process will slowly expand in scope and depth over the next years along ten dimensions:

- Physical / Virtualized
- User plane / Control plane

 - Core / RAN
 - Function / Orchestration
- Centralized / Distributed

 - SDN / NFV
 - Telco / IT
- Continuity / Change
- TCO / Agility

 - Optimize / Monetize

The market report is followed by 11 interviews with ecosystem players in which we discuss not only the benefits of virtualization, but also the challenges that vendors and operators have to face, and how the ecosystem is developing.

Thanks to our sponsors, you will be able to download the report for free.

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